Why Faith? A Comics Anthology

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Have you ever wondered about why you have faith? Or wanted to know more about what that part of your life could mean?

"Why Faith?" is a full-color comics anthology, jam-packed with stories from creators of all faiths, identities, and backgrounds. Edited by Jack Holder, and featuring some of the greatest creators in the business, these 30 stories bring to bear the question of why one should (or should not) have faith, and how it truly changes the very nature of life.

What Lies in the Depths – Jason Remick

The Current – Russell Nohelty and Angela Oddling

The Last Warrior – James Hachey, Dennis Arakis, Federico Sioc, and Michael Waggoner

The Fruits of Truth – Jody Lynn Nye and Nicolas Touris

Gold Medalist – Jeannie Harmon

Poppa – Trina Robbins and Tintin Pantoja

Meeting Joan – Grace Desmarais

The Power of True Fiction – Wm. Paul Young and Xavier Tarrega

The Dweller on the Horzon – Jameson Hampton and Matt Aytech Taylor

A Necessary Adaptation – Maria Photinakis

Rebbe Claus – A.A. Rubin and Tyler Carpenter

Sigils – Liz Young

Professor Faust – Greg Wright and Saint Yak

A Short Journey – David Anthony

Purpose – Mary Bellamy

G-D Is A Manta Ray – Skylar Kardon

Neighbors – Melissa J Massey

Day of Rest – Michael Norwitz and Greg Woronchak

The Time Between – Eddy Hedington and Evaristus Anardo

Cycles – Aaron Williams

Having Faith – Alan Bay

Behind The Shadow – Issey Fujishima

Let The Beet Go On – Cyndi Norwitz and Greg Woronchak

By Their Fruits Shall You Know Them – Sarajea Martin

Creation Checklist – Chad Colpitts and Sho Uehara

Barter – Travis Gibb, Michael Hall, Declan Fitz, and Jerome Gagnon

Faith and Forever? – Matt Kund and Wilson Gandolpho

Nectarines – Gabriel Horvath

Part Hole – Golan Moskowitz

The Feel of Nothing – Jack Holder and Beezzz Studios

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Why Faith? A Comics Anthology

0 ratings
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